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Why are some conversations harder to broach than others.. maybe about performance, behaviour, personal hygiene?

What negative longer term consequences can happen if difficult conversations are not had?

This programme will show you how to ensure you have these conversations effectively, structuring the language so that change happens. Giving you simple, effective and powerful communication tools to make sure that having difficult conversations is easier not only for you, but for you colleagues too.


Difficult Conversations Training

What is this about?

Avoiding difficult conversations regarding behaviour and performance in organisations can lead to workplace stress, inefficient working practices, poor staff morale and ongoing performance related issues that become harder to face and tackle the longer they go on.

This popular and innovative training programme offers your managers the essential, practical communication tools, useful structured frameworks and techniques to have these difficult conversations early on, before lack of productivity and focus become an organisational nightmare.

What delegates will learn

How this will help your organisation

Programme details and length

There are half and full day options for this programme according to your organisational needs. Particular organisational or team bad habits can be addressed sensitively as part of that flexible approach.

The half day programme covers essential communication structures and techniques and tools. The full day programme covers these more in depth, and also works on the manager's resilience in delivering vital messages and holding people to account.

Leadership coaching on a one to one, or peer group basis also works very well with this programme to embed learning into practice in a positive and supportive way. Please contact Christine to discuss your needs and a provisional quote.


Influence and Negotiation Training

What is this about?

As different public sector organisations merge, and other NHS and public sector structures are reviewed and reorganised , the potential for different organisational cultures and ways of working confounding people's best efforts to work efficiently together increases.

This flexible and well evaluated programme offers simple, introductory tools and processes to assist influencing and negotiation in the workplace. It is extremely useful for people who need to influence peers, and negotiate without formal power. It is based in theory and research and its focus is practical skills development.

What delegates will learn

How this will help your organisation

Programme details and length

These two half day sessions are spaced approximately a month apart, to allow for new learning to be integrated into the workplace and issues or questions brought to the second session to increase the practical application of communication skills associated with influencing in the absence of formal power and negotiation with peers. Optional group or individual coaching can also be purchased as part of this course. Please contact Christine for pricing and further details on making this programme fit your organisational needs.


I commissioned information sharing programmes from Christine McLean Consulting Limited, as she had been recommended to me. It was part of our common induction training and she clearly understood the integrated working agenda, prepared well and made sure that she understood our local procedures. She was sensitive to the particular needs of our area and delivered a number of information sharing awareness sessions to practitioners and to managers. The training was extremely well evaluated and gave practitioners from diverse children's services very practical and easy to follow guidance on working together in a more effective and efficient way. Comments were:

"I particularly enjoyed the scenarios and getting other views and ideas. I will follow up by sending all my staff on this training as excellent."

"It made it clear in my mind about what is expected of me when information sharing. The dos and don'ts and clarity have helped my understanding a lot, particularly the flow chart."

"I enjoyed the pace and delivery at the training. Group discussions were particularly helpful."

"The training was thought provoking in regards to information sharing."

Christine is professional, a good communicator and is easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend her.
Ros Garrod-Mason, Children's Workforce Development Manager, NE Lincs Council
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