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Christine Mclean Consulting Limited design and deliver bespoke leadership development training. The benefit of using our team is both the wide range of skills they have and organisational levels at which our associates have worked, from chief executives to front line leaders.

This range of associates impacts extremely positively on the quality and flexibility of the training content. If you require an academic or practical slant or a combination of both in your training, then our team can develop the programmes according to your needs, and according to the style of leadership your organisation aspires to.


Individual coaching

No matter what organisational level you find yourself at, being a leader can at times be a lonely place. Coaching is a confidential relationship in which people can discuss their development needs in a one to one session, set themselves goals and practical strategies for personal and professional change. Coaching is very much focused on action and moving forward.

Christine Mclean Consulting Limited has a number of coaches with various specialisms. Please contact Christine to discuss which coach would best fit your requirements.

I am writing today, following my 6th and final leadership coaching session with Christine McLean. She has shown me kindness and patience, and helped me find insight and solutions... I feel more confident at work and in life in general. I worry less about what I haven't done yet, and think instead about how I am going to get it done. My issues with relationships at work have not magically disappeared, but I now have courage and strategies for how to handle people with both kindness and assertiveness.
Rachel Sheils, Medical Director, Overgate Hospice
I would recommend Christine whole heartedly as a leadership development coach, we have worked together for 9 sessions now and the change in my approach and my perception of myself being able to lead my team and meeting the huge challenges of moving from a small voluntary organisation to employing people and leading the strategic development of the services we provide has been incredible.

Christine has helped me to examine and realign my skills to being a leader and helped me develop new perspectives and insight into how to improve communication with myself and others.
Steve, Leeds

Group coaching

This is extremely useful for managers at similar organisational levels across diverse teams. Because no matter what kind of team you oversee, communication, managing change and working effectively with others is usually part of the leadership challenge.

Group coaching is led by a qualified leadership coach, using a specially designed process which allows people to effectively and safely find new ways of seeing, thinking or feeling about difficult, stressful or frustrating situations and helps create action plans to move forward.


I learned, through the group coaching programme, that a person's perspective on change is what matters to them, and that I need to work with people in a different way, not from my perspective on their issue - this altered my thinking on approaches to leading the team forward.
Team Leader (NHS Community Provider Services)
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