Bespoke Programmes

Why is it that some training just doesn't seem to hit the mark in terms of change in behaviour after the event? How can you ensure that the trainers really deliver something that will evaluate well, and that it links effectively with wider organisational messages and approaches? How can you commission training and then relax knowing that it is in safe hands, and that you can adapt or alter the content as you go along if things change and you need a different emphasis in the training?

The kinds of focus our commissioned bespoke programmes have had:

Here at Christine Mclean Consulting Limited we pride ourselves on our ability to get to the heart of what your organisation needs in terms of development, and then expertly design training sessions and programmes according to your specific needs. We take time to work with you beforehand to understand your needs fully, involve you every step of the way if you want that, and give you updates and feedback throughout the training schedule to be able to adapt the content as we go along, according to what delegates tell us in the evaluation process.

All our training has an innovative slant, an element of fun, and concrete practical things your people can implement right away. Contact Christine to meet to discuss your needs.


Chris ran a team development programme for the senior management team here and we learnt a lot about each other and how we can work better together. What you get with Chris is supportive challenge which helped us get the best out of the programme. She was able to help us with developing solutions to problems and has an endless amount of 'tools in her bag' to sort out the issues we had. A great professional who shares her knowledge and skills in a fun way!
Janet Cawtheray, Chief Executive Officer, Overgate Hospice
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