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Change and transition: Navigating the journey >

British Journal of School Nursing
In the current climate of cuts the health service is set to undergo a major overhaul, and the school nursing role is likely to be affected. In this second article, Christine McLean looks introduces a five step framework for overseeing transition.

Using NLP to help patients achieve their goals >

British Journal of Primary Care Nursing
How can you help patients to achieve their goals when trying to improve their health? In this article, we explore the neurolinguistic programming (NLP) technique of defining "keys to an achievable outcome". The theory is that the more specific you are about the goal you are aiming for, the more achievable it becomes. This follows two articles in previous issues where we examined how to develop rapport with patients using linguistics and body language effectively

Building rapport with patients >

British Journal of Primary Care Nursing
The use of language is obviously very important in effective communication, and gives important clues as to how people make sense of the world around them, and how they understand their experiences. In this article, we will look at how to use effective body language and non-verbal communication to its fullest extent in the clinic setting.

NLP – getting to the heart of communication >

British Journal of Primary Care Nursing
Imagine what it would be like if you could communicate effectively with every person you meet. What would it be like to know that any messages you want to put across to your patients mean the same to them when they hear them as they mean to you? A few basic pointers in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) may help to improve how clearly you communicate with others. In this article we will look at linguistics, or the use of language, as one part of NLP and a key indicator of how people make sense of, and interpret, the world.

Change and transition: What is the difference? >

British Journal of School Nursing
In the current climate of cuts the health service is set to undergo a major overhaul, and the school nursing role is likely to be affected. In this first article, Christine McLean looks at the concepts of change and transition during organizational and/or team restructure.


Christine facilitated a workshop for my team around thriving during times of change and transition at the end of 2014. The year had been very challenging for our us (approx. 80 people). We had recently come together as a new team from different cultures, and implemented a major new IT system which changed the way we all worked. We were learning new ways to do our jobs at the same time as working with a new group of people.

It is fair to say that we were all very tired by the end of 2014 and needed to spend some time reflecting and focusing on ourselves as individuals and the team. We needed to refresh our approach and recharge our batteries for the next set of challenges. Christine helped enormously with this.

Every piece of feedback I received from my team after the workshop was positive. People said it helped them think differently about change, and how they react and respond to it. Some also mentioned that it helped in their home lives too! Everyone committed to take a least one action forward from the session.

Since the workshop, we have commenced work on developing more efficient ways of working and coming up with creative ways of managing with less people. People are working together across teams much more. We are making changes together. We are talking more, supporting each other and well on the road to becoming an effective and resilient team.
Lisa Melia, Shared Service Co-ordinator, Kirklees Council
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