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Change and transition: Navigating the journey >

British Journal of School Nursing
In the current climate of cuts the health service is set to undergo a major overhaul, and the school nursing role is likely to be affected. In this second article, Christine McLean looks introduces a five step framework for overseeing transition.

Using NLP to help patients achieve their goals >

British Journal of Primary Care Nursing
How can you help patients to achieve their goals when trying to improve their health? In this article, we explore the neurolinguistic programming (NLP) technique of defining "keys to an achievable outcome". The theory is that the more specific you are about the goal you are aiming for, the more achievable it becomes. This follows two articles in previous issues where we examined how to develop rapport with patients using linguistics and body language effectively

Building rapport with patients >

British Journal of Primary Care Nursing
The use of language is obviously very important in effective communication, and gives important clues as to how people make sense of the world around them, and how they understand their experiences. In this article, we will look at how to use effective body language and non-verbal communication to its fullest extent in the clinic setting.

NLP – getting to the heart of communication >

British Journal of Primary Care Nursing
Imagine what it would be like if you could communicate effectively with every person you meet. What would it be like to know that any messages you want to put across to your patients mean the same to them when they hear them as they mean to you? A few basic pointers in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) may help to improve how clearly you communicate with others. In this article we will look at linguistics, or the use of language, as one part of NLP and a key indicator of how people make sense of, and interpret, the world.

Change and transition: What is the difference? >

British Journal of School Nursing
In the current climate of cuts the health service is set to undergo a major overhaul, and the school nursing role is likely to be affected. In this first article, Christine McLean looks at the concepts of change and transition during organizational and/or team restructure.


I commissioned information sharing programmes from Christine McLean Consulting Limited, as she had been recommended to me. It was part of our common induction training and she clearly understood the integrated working agenda, prepared well and made sure that she understood our local procedures. She was sensitive to the particular needs of our area and delivered a number of information sharing awareness sessions to practitioners and to managers. The training was extremely well evaluated and gave practitioners from diverse children's services very practical and easy to follow guidance on working together in a more effective and efficient way. Comments were:

"I particularly enjoyed the scenarios and getting other views and ideas. I will follow up by sending all my staff on this training as excellent."

"It made it clear in my mind about what is expected of me when information sharing. The dos and don'ts and clarity have helped my understanding a lot, particularly the flow chart."

"I enjoyed the pace and delivery at the training. Group discussions were particularly helpful."

"The training was thought provoking in regards to information sharing."

Christine is professional, a good communicator and is easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend her.
Ros Garrod-Mason, Children's Workforce Development Manager, NE Lincs Council
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