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Team and individual resilience during change programmes (BOUNCE)

Team and individual resilience during change programmes (BOUNCE)

Why do some people adapt to change better than others? How can you become more resilient and survive the changes and challenges you are going through? How can you understand and support colleagues who are struggling with change?

Christine's workshops will help you identify how resilient you are, and where you need to focus your efforts to be even better at coping with change. In these very popular BOUNCE sessions, you'll also discover some powerful techniques for helping yourself and others develop a personal action plan for change.

Relevant to all managers and staff, these sessions will give your personal survival kit a real boost.

We have commissioned the BOUNCE Programmes over the past year to support our staff through the transition and change associated with organisational redevelopment for Foundation Status. Feedback has been extremely positive from participants; the programmes have been professionally delivered and have made a difference in terms of participants' ability to see change in a different, more positive light.
Fiona Sherburn, Assistant Director HR/OD. Bradford District Care Trust

What is this about?

Organisational change can cause increased stress, negativity, poor behaviour and reduce productivity in the workforce (read the NHS report "NHS Health and Well-being"). These popular and extremely well evaluated programmes help your staff increase their resilience during the change process to counter these problems.

What delegates will learn

How this will help your organisation

Programme details and length

There are two programmes I BOUNCE for team members, and WE BOUNCE, for managers. Each has its own unique set of tools and techniques and are developed to support overall organisational transition. Both programmes can be delivered flexibly according to your organisational requirements.

Half day and full day stand alone options can also be purchased of both programmes. Please contact Christine for pricing details and how this can be adapted to best fit your organisation.