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I have had the privilege of delivering 'The New World' leadership course for school nursing team leaders with Christine. Christine co-created the course, it includes high quality leadership development content and also practical elements such as creating business plans and working with commissioners.
She has extensive knowledge and experience of the health and social care sector and is a leading expert in emotionally intelligent leadership, motivational interviewing and change management.
The evaluations from the 8 recent leadership courses she delivered have been consistently close to perfect with feedback showing strong sense of renewed confidence and positivity. The attendees reportednew ways of dealing with the issues they face, new learning and application of the new learning to practice.
I would recommend her to your organisation to create and deliver bespoke leadership training that provides a powerful mix of ‘down to earth’ practical information combined with top quality leadership development.
Jill Beswick
Chair, School and Public Health Nurses Association
Independent Consultant in Health Visiting and School Nursing
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